We are Nuad Spa
A Professional Spa Consulting Service

Membership Model

By using an online billing system to improve customer retention, our unique membership model allows for predictable and recurring cash flow. Clients are able to experience a massage or facial each month at discounted pricing and are eligible for discounts on other products and services. Customers enjoy savings and owners can count on a predictable and recurring cash flow.

Online Traffic Focused

As people are more and more connected, when it comes to choose a spa or to make a booking for a spa. The main behavior is to search on the internet. Knowing that we make sure that we are every way on the Internet, SEO & Local SEO, E-Reputation & Reviews, Testimonials, Social Media Strategy, SEM Strategy (Search Engine Marketing), Paid advertising, Online Press, Influencers, Booking Platforms, etc.

Staff Sourcing & HR Support

We value efficiency and effectiveness in the spa business and the best way to approach this is by having a full range of support for both staffs and human resources. Clients will be able to experience comfort in handling other aspects of the business while receiving professional support for digital marketing, booking system, human ressources and treatment training.

We are a spa consulting firm focused on digital brand sales marketing strategy

Thanks to a joint venture with Pimclick, a leading digital agency and the award winning spa Loft Thai in Bangkok, Nuad Spa consolidates and expands its international presence by setting up a new company in Singapore and Paris. We combine the use of digital marketing and spa strategy to help clients achieve the right branding capabilities. With our digital expertise, we can enhance your spa’s potential to the fullest with our full range of services.

Spa Marketing

What we do

Our experts learn and apply the best practices to implement the most effective digital strategy for your spa business. We have accumulated experience in managing projects for Mariott Group, Minor Group, Accor Group, Chiva Som, Loft Thai Spa and the best spas in Bangkok, the best spas in Thailand and the best spas in Asia.
We provide strong and proven consulting services in the spa industry to help your business grow in a way like no other.
Aside from the internal aspects of your spa, our team will help build your brand for awareness to attract as many customers as possible. We have accumulated experience in managing projects for Eau de Spa, Anne Simonin, Lierac, Chanel Chance Parfum,...

Expertise you will love

Spa Consultancy

As an award winning spa owner and with more than 10 years experience in spa industry, we provide Spa Consultancy, Training, Certification & Coaching to enhance your business as a whole.

Digital Spa Marketing

We provide digital marketing expertise, growth hack marketing and funnel automation strategy to help you scale in the digital sphere. We are proud to be Google Partner and Facebook Business Partner.

Local SEO & Organic Traffic

As an active contributor in the SEO community for more than 10 years, we provide SEO actions (onsite, offsite, local seo, content clustering, seo growth hacking, seo audit) & tools to help you grow in every search engine possible.

Social Media Marketing

We provide a strong social media presence and remarketing strategy for your Spa business to be well known. Thanks to our in-house digital agency we provide content marketing, video production, motion design and creative key visual services.

Spa and Digital Marketing

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