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Seeking dedicated professionals for your spa or wellness establishment? Dive into our bespoke Therapist Recruitment Service, designed to cater specifically to your needs. Whether you're in search of a skilled masseur, a trained esthetician, a facial expert, or a specialist in manicure and pedicure, we've got you covered.

Our packages

Our service doesn't just provide a solution; it crafts the perfect fit for every position, ensuring that your establishment is graced with top-tier talent tailored to your unique requirements. Choose excellence. Choose our tailor-made recruitment service.

Bronze Package

Starter Kit for Spa & Wellness
Basic Screening
Review of applications to shortlist qualified therapists and masseurs.
Skill Assessment
Basic hands-on test to evaluate proficiency in core massage techniques.
One Round of Interviews
Conducting a single interview to ensure interpersonal skills and basic expertise.
Verification of Credentials
Authenticating certifications and basic work history.
Popular Choice

Silver Package

Spa Consulting & Coaching
Comprehensive Screening
In-depth review and shortlisting of candidates based on tailored criteria.
Advanced Skill Assessment
Hands-on evaluation including specialized treatments specific to luxury spas.
Multiple Interview Rounds
Initial screening, technical, and HR rounds to ensure the best fit.
Comprehensive Background Checks
Verification of past employment, especially in luxury spas and five-star establishments.
Customized Training
Two-day orientation and training to align therapists with your spa's standards and protocols.

Gold Package

Spa Business Package
Premium Screening
Hand-picking candidates with a record of excellence in luxury spa settings.
Elite Skill Assessment
Evaluation of a wide range of treatments, including niche and specialized therapies tailored for upscale clientele.
Extensive Interview Process
Multi-stage interviews including a panel discussion, technical evaluation, and a situational response round.
Thorough Background Verification
Deep dive into their professional journey, verifying association with renowned spas, and gathering feedback from past employers.
Comprehensive Training Program
A week-long immersive program covering advanced techniques, client handling, and spa etiquette.
Language & Communication Course
Specialized course tailored for the spa industry, ensuring therapists can communicate effectively with an upscale clientele.
Onboarding & Integration with Luxury SOP
Full-scale orientation to your spa's Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring a seamless transition.
Our Distinction in the Luxury Spa Industry

Navigating the intricate nuances of the luxury spa landscape requires a blend of expertise, dedication, and an unrivaled network. We are proud to stand as a beacon of excellence in this realm, forged from years of experience and a commitment to unparalleled quality.

Unmatched Quality

Our reputation is built on the foundation of consistently delivering exceptional quality. From the candidates we source to the services we offer, we settle for nothing less than the best. Our meticulous screening processes ensure that only the most accomplished therapists become part of our esteemed network.

Rich Experience

With decades of immersion in the luxury spa industry, we've acquired a deep understanding of its ever-evolving dynamics. This experience equips us with the insight to recognize the unique needs of upscale spas and match them with therapists who not only meet but exceed these demands.

Robust Network in the Thai Therapist Community

At the heart of our success is our vast and vibrant network within the Thai therapist community. Thailand, renowned globally for its therapeutic traditions, is a reservoir of skilled professionals. We've fostered strong relationships and built bridges across this community, enabling us to tap into a pool of exceptional talent. Our ties ensure we're always in touch with the crème de la crème of therapists, whether they're emerging stars or seasoned experts.

When you choose to collaborate with us, you're not just leveraging a service but accessing a legacy of excellence. Let us find the finest professionals who embody the essence of luxury, serenity, and expertise for your spa.


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